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Jul 29 2012

Jul 22 2012
  • Battler: i finally know how to fight, don't worry virgilia i got this
  • Battler: oops nevermind i don't get anything sorry beato

Jul 06 2012





George sweet jesus

a truly good person

from now on if anyone asks me why i hate george i’m just going to link this image

Jul 05 2012

30 Day Umineko Challenge!


Please keep all the junk out of this tag because no one wants to read it

beautiful depiction

Jul 04 2012

Jul 04 2012

Jul 02 2012

Jul 02 2012

Jun 17 2012

Jun 14 2012


in response to ruriairs question “what would happen if lambda and lion discovered the bern/will route in CROSS”

for some reason some of you people wanted it rebloggable and im tipsy enough to shamlessly repost oops