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Jun 11 2013

Jan 21 2013


finally finished new layout ok putting this here and lets hope if i dont keep looking at it i wont hate it any more than i do already

pls to not re-use this image on other rp blogs ♥ thank you

Jan 07 2013

Nov 08 2012

Sep 04 2012


painted wizard by Khieki

Jul 15 2012


do you ever wish that in real life you could measure your relationships via heart events

Jul 13 2012


Real yanderes of the harvest moon series: the youtube fandom

(okay you gotta click the hi-res button or zoom in on your screen or something to actually read these but it’s completely worth it)

Jun 18 2012


Farming is hard when you’re the same size of the crops

May 15 2012


  • That exciting moment when you know who you want to marry in Harvest Moon.
  • That horrible moment when you realize just how long it will take.

May 13 2012


…He knows he loves Angela hugs.