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Jun 11 2013

Jan 21 2013


finally finished new layout ok putting this here and lets hope if i dont keep looking at it i wont hate it any more than i do already

pls to not re-use this image on other rp blogs ♥ thank you

Jan 07 2013

Nov 08 2012

Sep 04 2012


painted wizard by Khieki

May 13 2012


…He knows he loves Angela hugs.

May 12 2012

May 12 2012


Get that shirt back on, boy, what do you think this is? Castanet ain’t no brothel.

I joined the draw-Wizard-shirtless-with-tats craze. Well, mostly because Owen wanted it. Ilu bb.

Based on the design by grimoire-heart, except I always imagined him to be a skinny, scrawny, lanky thing. Too much coffee, not enough… real food. And needs more exercise.

May 12 2012


Ask and you shall receive. Have an fascinating drawing of Wizard pulling his pants up whilst drinking his morning coffee.

not really full body tattoos but eh I tried may I have a cookie anyway

-submitted by grimoire-heart

May 02 2012



((you all should come to the tc and tell me to draw things for you………))