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hello now that you have stumbled upon this I got some explaining to do (✿´‿`)

my name is mary!! this blog is mostly for things i like, though i don’t post as much as i used to anymore, especially text posts. i have mostly moved to twitter! so if you wanna see what i’m like hmu there

this is my face 
stuff i did before my tablet went kaputt 

  • I post Homestuck with all its proper tags
  • Spoilers for all dangan ronpa series
  • Also nsfw once in a while
  • I have a tags page check tags page check
  • sOMETIMES I don’t tag my text posts but I try not to
  • If there’s anything you want me to tag send me a message okay

Here’s my sideblog with references plus inspiration! ✖✖

In case you wanna know what I listen to 

And here you have wallpapers I’ve made for my past themes uwu